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Hi! Thanks for joining me on my website.

My name is Caroline Pope and I’m Australia’s most recognised and well known Animal Communicator & Craniosacral Therapist, communicating professionally for over two decades. I have successfully assisted thousands of animals of varying species including many of Australia’s native wildlife – bringing understanding between humans and those of other species.

It’s not often that reading a book can change your life completely overnight. This is what happened to me when I was given a copy of Arthur Myer’s “Communicating With Animals”. Before reading this book I was unaware that animal communication even existed. Once I had read it I knew it was what I wanted to do, although I had no idea how to go about it. I  wrote to several of the communicators at the back of the book (this was before everyone used the internet!), and this was the start of my journey into Animal Communication.

My background was veterinary nursing, with some dog training as well. I could see straight away how communicating with animals could be beneficial to both. What I hadn’t anticipated was how much learning to communicate with the animals would change my life on so many and varied levels, nor how rewarding (and often challenging) it could be.

Discovering craniosacral therapy for animals was another major breakthrough for me. I had long used CST for myself to control migranes, and had asked my therapist to work on Doc my horse. The results were amazing. I then learned to work with CST on the animals. This meant that many of the animals who were able to communicate their discomfort of arthritis, poor saddle fit etc, were now able to benefit from CST, accelerating their own healing process.

I have since given up veterinary nursing to concentrate on animal communication and craniosacral therapy full time. It is wonderfully rewarding, and I have met many wonderful people and animals along the way who have taught me so much. Due to repeated requests I now also run workshops teaching people to communicate with their own animals, deepening the bond they share.

As of 2016 I am excited to say I am now using the Animal WellNES System.  I first became aware of NES through Dr Rob Willis (BVSc Hons) with my own animals Corona, Allegro and Karma.  From the results achieved I became passionate about bringing this to more of the animal world, and have become a NES practitioner myself.




Serkan at 5 months of age and I (Left)




Corona (Right)


“Doc” 5/12/88 – 14/02/08 – Doc was responsible for my learning both Animal Communication and Craniosacral Therapy.


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