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I am very excited to say I am now a NES practitioner. I first became aware of NES through Dr Rob Willis (BVSc Hons) with my own animals, Corona and Karma. From the results achieved I became passionate about bringing this to more of the animal world, and have become a NES practitioner myself.

Since Peter Fraser’s revolutionary discovery and mapping of the Human Body- Field (HBF), NES Health has led the healthcare revolution, supporting people and now animals worldwide by addressing issues and concerns relating to their health and well-being.

The body- Field represents the general state of your overall physical and emotional condition. Distortions in this field can cause disharmony in your life. Correction of these distortions support and encourage a more balanced, enjoyable and rich life experience.

NES Health has identified that to achieve total wellness, there are 3 critical factors, which need to be addressed.


The Energy that flows through the body

The Information that is created, distributed and regulated within it     

The Physiology of the body


As a result NES have developed the NES Health Total WellNES System, which comprises a 3-step process:

Detect the origin of problems with NES ProVision anywhere, anytime

Remove Blockages & acute pain with the NES MiHealth Medical Device

Send the right information by NES Infoceuticals


NES Infoceuticals are a key component of the Total WellNES System, and are used to re-imprint the body- field back to its original blueprint, enhancing the strength of the body- field and regulating the flow of information. NES Infoceuticals help to remove distortions and blockages within the information structures and energy patterns of the body- field.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of the Animal WellNES System


 ProVision Animal returns recommended protocols to stimulate the animal’s innate self-healing ability.

 NES Health products are backed by more than 30 years of scientific research and over a decade of human studies.

 PEMF therapy reduces pain and speeds up healing by stimulating stem cell production.

 Widely used in the treatment of bone fractures and torn tendons.

 Regenerates damaged and diseased tissue.

 Enhances the synthesis of protein in cells, allowing body to take advantage of all the protein available.

 Improves circulation, not by increasing heartbeat or blood pressure, but by opening and dilating arteries and capillaries. This also reduces swelling.

 Increases cellular level of oxygen absorption. Studies have shown O2 partialpressure increased 200%.

 Penetrates to relieve deep muscle soreness.

 Keeps animals supple, relaxed and fit.

 Resolves performance issues in healthy animals and aids in recovery after injuryor illness.

 Relieves soreness stiffness, arthritic conditions, ligament, tendon, muscle or bone injury.

 Infoceuticals help to restore the body’s balance and stimulates specific healing responses.

 Greatly reduces healing time.

 And more!

Below is a video of NES animal treatment by Dr Rob Willis. It is very informative and well worth watching!


How do I book a NES scan for my animal?

Simply call Caroline on 0427 563 239 during business hours to organise an appointment. NES scans are $90 per animal, not including the cost of relevant infoceuticals (usually between 3-4 per animal at $27.50 each). Please note that this does not include travel costs. Caroline will be able to give you a quote when making your appointment as travel costs vary depending on location.
Please note that if you do need to re-schedule an appointment 24 hours notice is required or a cancellation fee will be charged.

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