Psychic Kitty!

I just have to tell you that I was pretty impressed about my Mip and you! At the end of January, we had a phone consult to check in with my 4 beautiful pets. When I told you that I was going away in March to Hawaii, you said that the animals knew already. And Mip, the cat, added that there was going to be an earthquake, but I would be alright! Well, I got to Hawaii and over a few drinks, I was telling the friends I was with about what you said Mip had said. They laughed and thought I was a real nut (and you too!). I was the joke for a few days. But…. two days later, news headlines were that an Earthquake 4.9 magnitude hit Hawaii! I then had people coming up to me amazed saying,” wow…who is this lady you speak to?” So, clever Mip and you! Thanks for listening to my pets.

Xx Anita


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