“Our dog was diagnosed with Geriatric Vestibular Disease at the beginning of August 2017 and she was hardly able to walk, was in a lot of distress and had stopped eating that then followed with her stopping drinking. Through a friend’s recommendation I made an appointment for Jade to see Caroline as I believed that she was not long for our world and I was willing to try out anything to keep our dog alive. On that first visit I had to carry her in as she was unable to walk and she had no energy at all. From that moment onwards with Caroline performing craniosacral therapy on Jade, she has been given back her life. Through ongoing treatment, she is now walking and hopping along freely as only she can do, she is eating healthily, speaking in her doggy language and is a very happy dog once again. I cannot thank Caroline enough for the work she had done with Jade and I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s animal is in need of her amazing hands-on work. She definitely has an amazing gift”





This picture made my day! The following is from a lovely client Cindy Lou:

Caroline did a phone reading for us because or 14 1/2 year old dog Jess had started barking non-stop day and night. We had tried all usual avenues and had all the Vet checks done, but couldn’t find any reason for her to have developed this new habit. Caroline helped us to understand what was going on inside Jess’s head. Everything became so much easier after this. Now that we understood that Jess’s brain was being over stimulated we could start to make things better for her. Caroline introduced us to Liz at Comvet and Rob at Rob’s Veterinary Alternatives and with some Technyflex and Neurologinol on board we now have our beautiful girl settled and bark free! She has gone back to sleeping outside and the relationship with her bestie (Pinchy the cat) that had become fractured because of the barking, is now back on track. Highly recommend Caroline for her Animal Communication!!!


An email from a NES client today:

“NES health was introduced to me by a long time mentor of mine. I have been working together with Caroline Pope now for 3 months. The processing and releasing which has occurred for me over those months has been amazing. From being crippled with glandular fever and extremely stressed out in my job and unhappy generally with life to now having the change in energy to bounce out of bed, and just by using the infoceuitcal products daily. Caroline has helped me be able to understand my own body and how it reacts to the environment and what I can do to help me become a better version of me. This holistic resource is very affordable to anybody and Caroline is a wonderful teacher, I look forward to working with her for years to come.”
Hannah Anderson


A text from a client at the East West Veterinary Clinic after a CST on her 18 year old cat

Hi Caroline, it’s Thelma here. I bought Sophie the cat to see  you last week. Just wanted to let you know how wonderful she is doing. She is back to her old self, and doing even better than we imagined she would, which is amazing given her age. She is really happy and contented, and therefore so am I.



“By chance, my first NES treatment took place the day before my first Network Chiropractic session, which confirmed and supported what Caroline had found/suggested, but not in as much detail.

After the NES session and starting on the drops, not only have I had great relief from some health issues that had been troubling me for 8 months, but I’ve also been making life changes that I’d been procrastinating about for years!

I was a Naturopath for 30 years, but nothing could have prepared me for this life-changing experience. I’ve seen all my dogs and foster dogs (14 in all) benefit from Caroline’s magic over the last 10 years, and I’m so grateful to have finally benefited from it too.”

Ingrid, Caulfield South


Thank you Caroline, your knowledge is amazing!

Tamara Forth, Canine Focus.


This is by far the best Animal Communicator & Craniosacral Therapist you could ever ask or hope for when it comes to your furry family members! If you want the best then this is what you get when you make an appointment with this very talented lady! Highly recommend to everyone!

Popi Doukakis, Melbourne 






Caroline’s been helping us with our animals since 2008, and I’ve recommended her to many friends with much success. I do think Caroline should come with a warning – she’s all about what’s best for the animal and will not spare your feelings or ego if you’re not doing the right thing. But if you love your pets and want the best for them, give her a nice strong coffee, don’t take offense to her bluntness, take on board her techniques and suggestions, it will be worth it to have your pets happy, healthy and with you a long time.

Gina Brett, Melbourne.




Caroline Pope was recommended to me by a friend, I was having some serious health and behavioural issues with my pets (Horses and Dogs) that I could not seem to get right. I had tried many different things. Consulting with Caroline helped me to better understand the cause of the issues with my pets so I could implement long lasting improvements. Not only is it her gift that has helped me but her vast knowledge. The most important thing that I have gained from Caroline is to trust your gut instinct; we all have it but having the confidence to trust it is another thing and it is usually more often right than wrong!

Veronica, Western Australia with ” Shae”,




“Over the past 3 years, Caroline has given every one of my 10 foster dogs a Craniosacral treatment, and by some miraculous coincidence, they have all been re-homed within a week after seeing her…….2 of them with me!  A few years ago, a friend was having trouble with one of her horses and no luck with the vets, so I suggested she try an animal communicator. It was my friend who found Caroline’s website, made an appointment and was amazed and very pleased with the outcome.

My first foster dog with Save-A-Dog Scheme was an emaciated, elderly Dalmatian called Bonza. He had improved a lot after a few weeks with me, but he still looked like he was in pain when he walked and he was very stiff. I’d had great results with CST for myself in the past, so I gave Caroline a ring. Apart from the noticeable improvement in his walking, Bonza was so much calmer and more settled after the treatment. And was adopted that week!

Thor, the young and very handsome Blue Heeler came next and was a bit hyperactive and quite hard to control. Since Thor didn’t really have any obvious physical issues, his physical improvement was not as obvious, but he became noticeably calmer and more peaceful after seeing Caroline. Thor was adopted the same week!  Holly, the 10 year old boxer had been quite lethargic and arrived with a pretty bad case of kennel cough. After her session with Caroline, Holly started behaving like a young pup and her cough also improved. She was adopted that week!

Then came Cairo (who’s still here!), Pete, Morrow, Jake, Martha, Bruce (who’s still here!) and now 13yr old little Jimmy (check Caroline’s blog for details), who’s about to have his second CST tomorrow. The changes in him since his first session last week have been remarkable! He’s not been adopted yet (except that I really want to keep him), but I’ll let you know what happens after tomorrow!                                                                                               Ingrid Borg 19/9/10

Jimmy has now been officially adopted by Ingrid! Nov 2010






In August last year (2009) my 13 year old dog Fonzie (Dobermann X Rottweiler) hurt his back jumping into the car. By the time I got him home he could barely walk and within an hour he was dragging himself around on his front legs-his back legs were completely paralyzed.  I took him to the vet and they prescribed anti- inflammatories  for him. By morning he was worse and had to be helped to toilet himself-he hated it. His hind legs and in particular his feet were ice cold to touch. Another call to the vet and they suggested I should consider having him put down if there was no improvement. After lots of phone calls and internet searching, a friend suggested Caroline Pope. She has been his guardian angel-we changed his diet and put him on natural supplements-combined with her treatment of him he has made all but a full recovery and is still improving. He is no longer on the anti-inflammatories and as a bonus his hearing and eyesight have also improved. He is now back walking every day and sleeping on the lounge-which he jumps onto, as well as occasionally jumping onto my bed at night.  Hopefully by spring I will be able to get him in the car to take him to the river for his swims. Thanks Caroline-couldn’t have done it without you!        Terri Lehane June 2010

“I highly recommend Caroline if you want to know more about what motivates your animal friends!” I first heard about Caroline’s service as an animal communicator some two years ago. I was intrigued enough to contact her to help me communicate with my now 16 year Jack the Cat. Jack is an endearing companion, strong-willed and somewhat stubborn. I thought that he clearly communicated to me what he wants and when he is unhappy or unwell. I never anticipated the level of detailed knowledge that Caroline was able to tell me from Jack’s view of our world. It has given me a new understanding of him. Caroline exercises diplomacy and a caring manner when she imparts directives from Mr Jack. He (who will be obeyed) decided that our next house move was to be away from the ocean– 15 to 20 km west of where I was living.  I followed obediently and discovered a wonderful house and an interesting community of people.

I highly recommend Caroline if you want to know more about what motivates your animal friends! And anytime you need clarity from a unique perspective. – Jane Mara CEO Intuitive thinking Author of “Intuition on Demand” (Top 50 Best Management books nominated by AFR -Boss Magazine for 2006)

“Tupp’s hospital visits would not have been possible without Caroline”

“When someone first mentioned this ‘Animal Communicator’ slash ‘Dog Whisperer’ to me, I must admit I scoffed (but quietly). What a load of malarkey! However, I was desperate to find a cure for two-year-old Tuppence, a Bichon Friese-ShihTzu cross, who scratched incessantly, to the annoyance of everyone, including her (poor love). It had reached the stage of perhaps having to go on cortisone, something I was most reluctant to do. Oddly enough, I recognized Caroline when she came to the door-she had been a nurse at my local veterinary clinic when I took my previous dogs there. Within moments, Caroline has sorted out some of the problems (a nasty allergy to the worming tablets she was on), and diet. We followed her instructions to the letter and the result is an even more loved dog who is now so itch-free and healthy that we’re part of a program where we visit sick children in hospital. Tupp actually gets on the bed with the children and we have seen quite a few minor ‘miracles’ just because of her interaction with them. That would not have been possible pre-Caroline. Now, Tupp has a ‘grease and oil change’ every three or four months, with an additional visit if something untoward happens (very rare).  I cannot speak highly enough of Caroline’s abilities and know that Tuppence loves her visits-very obvious from the absolute joy she shows when Caroline arrives!

Colleen Woolley, Diamond Creek  (January 2010).

I am always impressed that she is able to pass on very precise and detailed messages from my animals…” “Caroline is very down to earth and very accurate. She has communicated with my animals a number of times and I am always impressed that she is able to pass on very precise and detailed messages from my animals so that I know exactly what they want or need me to do.” – Carole Bryant Naturopath (ATMS & HATAA accredited)

“Caroline was the beginning of the ‘Saving of Olive’….” “Olive, a 4 year old red kelpie was suffering Meningitis, Polyarthritis and had a consistently high temperature.  It seemed to be linked to vaccination and worming however specialists from the Veterinary Hospital and Specialist referral centre did not believe there was a link but unable to provide a diagnosis. The prognosis by these vets was that she would deteriorate and was given high doses of cortisone to “assist her cope”.  The medication had its own problems and ravaged her system until she contracted Pancreatitis and the loss of hair from one side of her face.  She was a mess, looked and felt shocking, and I was given little hope of her getting through it. All vets I consulted touched on the subject of euthanasia and on more than one occasions I had left their clinics crying, in grief and with little hope.  Desperate to save Olive I searched the internet and came up with a story about an animal communicator, Caroline Pope, who had helped a breeder of GSP’s, with a dog presenting similar symptoms.



Caroline was the beginning of the ‘Saving of Olive’. She turned us onto a more holistic path, changed the way she was fed, gave us homeopathic and herbal remedies and worked on her with Craniosacral Therapy. A huge turnaround occurred, both in the way we treated Olive’s illness and the way Olive responded. Olive gave her complete trust and faith to Caroline – it was as if she believed someone finally understood her illness.  Over the next few months Olive began to improve, we worked out ways to help her cope, and natural remedies to alleviate the symptoms of her disease. Slowly but surely things started to improve by continuing her treatment, receiving regular communication, CST and feeding a more natural diet. We were on the road to recovery. Olive is about to celebrate her 9th birthday.  She has been weaned off her medication and receives only small doses. The long hard struggle has paid off, her temperature remains “in range” and she has returned to her former self – an excitable, ball chasing red kelpie.  Olive’s health has continued to improve and many people who have witnessed her progress have also called Caroline to assist their pets – all successfully. Caroline helped us tune in to each other in a better and higher way and gave us the tools for maximum health and vitality. We will forever be eternally grateful as I believe if we had not met Caroline, Olive would not be here today.  As you can see by her photo she now looks remarkable and even the Veterinarians are shocked at her improvement. Thank you Caroline from my beloved Olive and myself.” – Sue Parncutt

“This was definitely not the same dog I had before Caroline’s visit” I was taking my dogs to a dog club for training and socialization. Over the year I was attending the club, one of my dogs, Patchn, became extremely aggressive to other dogs while on lead. Everything the dog club instructors told me to do only seemed to made things worse. Then one of my friends told me about this animal communicator. So in desperation I rang her. It was the best thing I could have done for my dogs. Caroline walked in, greeted the dogs, greeted me, instantly diagnosed severe stress, explained why so I could also see it, administered some rescue remedy, had a chat with both my dogs and feed the information back to me (which was an eye opener), recommended a behavioural specialist to take Patchn to see, then sat down and gave Patchn a CST; all within about one hour.



Several hours after Caroline had left, I was running the dogs down at the local park, Patchn has run up to a huge Rottweiler (which was unknown behaviour for him, as he normal kept his distance from other dogs) and invited the other dog to play with a play bow (more unknown behaviour for him), and proceeded to run around and play for the next hour. This was definitely not the same dog I had before Caroline’s visit. Since then, with positive training, a bit of homeopathy and several CST”s, I now have an almost stress free dog.  Many huge thanks to Caroline, whom without her communications skills and healing abilities, and setting me on the right path, I would not now have happy dogs on my hands. – Jannelle Carlile

“We can recommend Caroline very highly to anyone who is concerned with their pet’s welfare…” “We heard about Caroline from a friend of ours who has two Jack Russells. She was most impressed with advice she had received from Caroline and recommended her to us very highly. At the time we had three cats who had recently been moved together and were wondering how to get them “meshing” better. Muffin (DSH, female and now 26 years old) was 22 when I moved with her to Melbourne and into the household with Robin (human, male) and Chester and Mimi (brother and sister littermates, 8 years old). Obviously there were territory issues, but we wanted to gain an understanding of how we could help smooth this transition.



Caroline came and worked on all three animals, also doing cranio-sacral treatments. We were amazed at how receptive the cats were to Caroline’s visits as Chester and Mimi were normally very shy with new people. We were also very pleased at much better the cats moved after treatments. We were initially focussing on the behavioural issues and one of the first things Caroline advised was that the cats wanted extra litter trays. This immediately helped to lower aggression levels.



With the improvement in the cats’ well-being, we decided to have Caroline visit us once a month as maintenance. Caroline has helped the cats and us through a number of situations: sadly Mimi died unexpectedly in September 2005, Muffin suffered a fit and a health crisis during the heat wave of summer 2006, and we moved from Melbourne to Canberra in winter 2006.

Muffin and Chester

Muffin and Chester

We are still consulting with Caroline about once a month via telephone and it’s been helpful in adjusting the medications both Chester and Muffin receive in consultation with our homoeopathic vet. We can recommend Caroline very highly to anyone who is concerned with their pet’s welfare and who wants to promote a better understanding between species. [Be warned though – the animals have been using Caroline to advocate for extra treats at Christmas and birthdays – prawns, crayfish, salmon and caviar are very popular!]” – Christine Allon

“Caroline certainly saved our Gussie boy from a slow, certain death….” Gus, our then 3 year old Ridgeback/Rottie cross suddenly started vomiting one day – up to 13 – 14 times at least, whilst this slowed to approximately 3-4 times a day, he was in this condition for the following 3 months. As you can imagine he lost an enormous amount of weight. Our veterinarian was getting very frustrated as they just could not seem to determine what the problem was. We had him x-rayed, took him to Werribee for Ultrasound, had an appointment with a dog specialist, you name it we tried it. The last option was to open him up and have a look inside, we were reluctant to follow through with last piece of advice. Out of desperation, I phoned a clairvoyant. This lady had heard of an animal communicator named Caroline Pope and put me onto someone who was able to put me in contact with her.



Caroline certainly saved our Gussie boy from a slow, certain death. Within 2 visits he made a remarkable recovery – the prognosis was Irritable Bowel caused from eating cedar. Whilst it was Caroline’s other healing methods that cured Gus, I follow up with CST sessions with for both my dogs – they just love it and it is always a race to get up on the couch to have first treatment. I have always followed natural health in my own life and it is wonderful to be able to offer the same for my dogs. – Tricia Chacksfield

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