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A Return To Health!

I first came to Caroline a few months ago, as I was experiencing extreme lethargy and sleeping for hours on end each day, which became very strange as I am an energetic, 22 year old. One day I slept for 20 hours straight and after that I decided to get some blood tests done. The blood tests showed an extremely high reading of iron that was sitting in my body, however my body wasn’t using it up - Upon these readings, the doctor told me to come back in three months time if the symptoms persist, however I was not going to carry on feeling as horrible as I did, so I moved to a more natural way of healing. Caroline scanned me and could see exactly what my body field was doing and what it was lacking, so she put me on the NES Infoceuticals and within a week I had got my energy back, and within a month my blood tests had levelled out and became normal again. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone, as she got me back to normal again and I have more motivation than I ever have before. Eiilish Brenton Vic

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