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Animal Naturopathy

The following post is shared courtesy of Sue Martin, our Animal Naturopath. Sue is available at Paws Connect on Fridays. Call to book your appointment today!

Is the food you’re giving your dog inappropriate? Have you tried feeding a natural diet only to be faced with your dog vomiting and having diarrhoea? Is your dog madly eating the cat’s manure and any manure it can find when out on a walk? Just like us, when changing to a brand new diet, your dog will need to produce the enzymes to break down the new style of food such as raw. 12 weeks is a full blood cycle and therefore the transition should always be a minimum of 12 weeks…no less.

Paws Connect is Australia’s first pet wellbeing concept centre supporting happier, healthier lives for our pets. We offer alternative options to support a pet’s wellbeing with specialist practitioners, a hydrotherapy treadmill and a retail store.

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