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Doggy Diet Tips

Paws Connect is Australia’s first pet wellbeing concept centre supporting happier, healthier lives for our pets. We offer alternative options to support a pet’s wellbeing with specialist practitioners, a hydrotherapy treadmill and a retail store.

The following is posted with the kind permission of our animal naturopath Sue Martin. Sue is available Mondays at Paws Connect. Please phone to book your appointment.

Does your dog love to eat the manure of other animals?

If you answered “yes” this may be why.

Did you know that unless fruits and veg are pulped….your dog is unable to benefit from the nutritional value found in these plants??? This is because plant cells are surrounded by a thick cellulose wall that is unable to be penetrated by our dog’s digestive system.

If we feed fruits or veg that has been cut up, fed whole or grated, it will come out the other end looking much the same way as it went in.

If we pulverise or pulp plant material, the cellulose wall will be broken and our four legged friends will reap the benefits.

When dogs eat the manure of others they are often seeking broken down plant material (fibre) and a good source of digestive enzymes.

This is called coprophagia and is more prevalent in dogs that are fed dry food.

Simply put your choice of fruit and veg in a processor and blitz it until it’s a pulp. Then pop it in ice cube trays to freeze (for larger dogs you can put into zip lock bags and roll flat) and pop one out into your dogs meal.

Extra fibre is especially fantastic for those pooches needing to shed a few kilos. Add extra pulp (pictured is carrot and celery) and they won’t even notice they are on a diet!

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