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Help For Nervous Neddys!

Is your horse a "Nervous Neddy" when you're out riding? Perhaps you're a "Nervous Nelly" rider. NES Health infoceuticals may be for you!

Chill and Peace are incredibly helpful for both horse and rider. They can be taken as often as required, have no sedative effect, and can break the stress cycle for you both. When both horse and rider take infoceuticals together, the synergistic effect can be hugely positive for you both.

ESR is especially useful for those horses (and people) for whom stress affects the gut. It supports the release of emotional stress, soothes the digestive tract, and may assist in the absorption of nutrients.

For your horse, infoceuticals can simply be squirted onto the mane, or you can give orally. For yourself, either put the infoceuticals into some water, or squirt under your tongue.

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