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Little Brother Is Watching You...

Meet Mark, also known as “Dibber Dobber” or Dobby for short. Mark is a young French Bulldog who was struck down with meningitis late last year, and became paralysed for 3 weeks. Thanks to his dedicated human Ali, Mark is now walking well and almost back to his old self. Mark saw me at Paws Connect on the weekend for a NES Health and Craniosacral therapy session. Whilst using the miHealth I used the setting ‘Memory’ at Mark's suggestion. Ali asked Mark what he needed to remember. Mark’s response was “how many drinks you had last night”. Ali laughed and said “how many drinks did I have last night Dobby?” Mark’s immediate response was “three”. Ali confirmed to me that she HAD had 3 drinks the night before. Remember, our pets are always watching us and what we do...

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