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Meet Arwen!

Meet Arwen! Thanks to the incredible generosity of Ingrid and Unicorn V I was able to travel to Echuca to purchase Arwen. A very special thanks to Carrie Baker of Macclesfield Horse Rug Repairs for the generous use of her float (again) to transport her. I’d also like to thank Andrew Wilson & Co / Echuca Horse and Saddlery Auction - Friday and staff for their friendly, professional and helpful service on the day. Having never been to the horse auctions, I had no idea where I was going, or what the procedures were. I was very pleasantly surprised at the help and level of service I received. A huge thank you too to Stephanie Redlich. Arwen has part of her hoof torn away, clearly an old injury that was worrying her a lot. I sent Steph a text early this morning, and she made a special trip out to try to trim and relieve what she could. Arwen was clearly more comfortable straight after! The first shot is the photo I first saw of Arwen in her pen. The second shots were taken today, after she’d had a chance to settle in her paddock, and had her first brush, as well as her trim. Although I don’t think she’s had a lot of handling for quite a while, she was beautifully behaved, and clearly wants to please. Once she settles and her hoof repairs it’ll be time for her first saddle fitting…. Once she heals and fills out I think she’ll be a stunningly pretty mare!!

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