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Oscar's Story: Craniosacral Therapy

Oscar is an 8 year old Cavoodle, and myself being new to Natural Therapies for animals, I decided to bring him along to see Caroline for a Craniosacral Therapy session.

Oscar had been sluggish and not very energetic for the past 12 months, andran sideways at times like a crab. I was looking to see if Caroline could find why.

After his first visit I was astounded at the changes in Oscar. Not only had his posture changed, and his energy returned, Oscar’s running crab like had disappeared completely, due to Caroline’s being able to tune into Oscar’s body at a deep level, and know where to work on him for the best results.

I can highly recommend Caroline, even if you aren’t aware of your fur baby having any issues, as you may be astonished with the results!


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