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I saw a horse today. This horse was kind and gentle. He has bony changes in both his hocks, and a bone chip in one hock. He has a badly damaged Achilles Tendon. His neck is badly out of alignment, making him lame in his right front leg. He has muscle damage over the girth area. His pectoral muscle is torn off his sternum. He is under nourished. THIS HORSE IS 3 YEARS OLD!!

Was the vet called and his injuries treated? No. The decision was made to put him on a truck to SEND HIM TO THE DOGGERS. He wasn’t considered worth any time or money. This horse was in the stable of a so called “well respected large racing trainer”. The RSPCA won’t speak for this horse. They know what goes on, and are happy to ignore it.

This horse was far luckier than most. Someone thought he was too sweet to be killed. So they called Nicole at Marzel Park to take him and find him a good home. This horse is my Swagman. Next time you “have that thing in the second leg” or bet “on a roughie at Randwick” think of my Swagman, and the thousands and thousands of horses that are broken and discarded without care. Don’t “Ladbroke the world”. Try to be a horse’s world instead.

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