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Travelling/Camping Essentials

Paws Connect is Australia’s first pet wellbeing concept centre supporting happier, healthier lives for our pets.

We offer alternative options to support a pet’s wellbeing with specialist practitioners, a hydrotherapy treadmill and a retail store.

Going camping or travelling with your dog over the holidays? Then call in and stock up on your travelling essentials! Pictured here are some of the doggy ‘must have’s’ for fun and safety: a Haqihana harness for ease of movement and safety when your dog can’t be off the lead. A long lead-we stock 3, 4 and 10 meter leads which give your dog plenty of room to explore the terrain around you. Our water bottle for you both, and the portable Rescue Swag, your first aid essential.

Lightweight and portable it can go in your car, boat, clip it onto your backpack when hiking, or even strap it to the back of your saddle when riding. Rescue Swag also has their own mobile app, free to download, with lots of helpful information. Once downloaded, the app doesn’t require mobile reception to use.

The kit comprises of a thermal blanket, 5 splinter probes, a snake bite bandage with indicator, disposable face shield, 2 powder free gloves, fabric strip, forceps, calico triangular bandage, universal shears, low ad dressing and 3 burn gel sachets.

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