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Wound Wash

The following post is shared courtesy of Sue Martin, our Animal Naturopath. Sue is available at Paws Connect on Fridays. Call to book your appointment today!

Product launch is almost here but I had to share our wound wash! It’s potency ensures that one bottle will last you a very long time as you will need to dilute it. Small enough to put in your handbag, horse float, car or first aid kit. Contains herbal antiseptic and styptic which will help to stop bleeding, clean the wound and soothe the area. This one little bottle means that you’re equipped with a soothing lotion which can be used in numerous situations when you’re out and about with your pets. Keep your eyes on our page….

Paws Connect is Australia’s first pet wellbeing concept centre supporting happier, healthier lives for our pets. We offer alternative options to support a pet’s wellbeing with specialist practitioners, a hydrotherapy treadmill and a retail store.

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