Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is also known as telepathic communication. It is the experience of receiving direct thought transmissions-images, feelings and concepts- from individuals, including those of other species.

The most widely accepted forms of telepathic communication at this time is usually the link between mother and baby (how often does a mother “just know” there is something wrong with her baby?) or that between identical twins. Identical twins are seen to be unique and are ‘allowed’ by society to be different. In reality we all have these gifts.

All beings including humans have the inborn ability to communicate with and understand each other.

How can communication help me and my animal?

Communication can be helpful in many ways. Whether just for a ‘check up’ to see how things are going, or a more specific behavioral problem, communication can resolve many things. Seeing a problem from your four legged friend’s point of view can sometimes be quite a shock! It can also help speedily resolve many problems if both you and your companion animal are both prepared to work at it. Please remember though, communication is NOT a substitute for training, but should be used in conjunction with positive reinforcement methods of training.

Finding out if your animal is in pain, and if so, where, is also helpful. Animals often instinctively hide pain from their humans-if we don’t know that they hurt we can’t help them. Remember, this is NOT a diagnosis, simply your animal telling you he/she may be in pain. It is important to follow up such things with your veterinary surgeon.

When the time comes for your animal to leave, communicating any last wishes your pet may have is often very helpful. Letting you know when your animal is ready to go, if they would prefer to be put to sleep at home, or at your vet’s etc can make a trying time a little easier for all concerned.

Most of all, communication is used as a tool for bringing awareness to, and respect and care for others. Understanding other species as they truly are, not just from the human judgment point of view. Communicating with your four legged friend can open up a whole new and wonderfully exciting world for both of you.

What is Telepathic Communication?

Tele refers to distance, pathy to feeling. Thus telepathic communication is the ability to feel another being across a distance.

This communication (or contact) is based on the understanding that all beings of all species are intelligent – that they can understand, relate to and communicate with each other, regardless of species and distance. It is receiving feelings, concepts and direct thought transmission from another individual of any species.

Telepathic communication is NOT dependant on distance in any way. It can occur between people or animals in the same room, at opposite ends of the country, or at the other side of the world just as easily. Unlike mobile phones or radios etc there are no “dead zones” where signals cannot get through. Telepathic communication can go literally anywhere on the planet. All you need to do is be able to tune in and know exactly who you are communicating with similar to tuning into the right radio station.

How do I go about booking a consultation?

Simply email Caroline a photo of the animal (preferably a full body shot) and also include your contact phone number(s). You will then be called so a mutually convenient appointment time can be organised, where Caroline will call you and chat with you and your animal(s).

Communications are $75 for a 30 minute or $130 for a 60 minute phone consultation.

Please note if you do need to re-schedule for any reason 24 hours notice is required or a cancellation fee will be charged.


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