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Hi Caroline,

Just had to share a success - that we had a handyman come to the front door just now, Hamish didn't even leave the lounge room! He let me be in charge, didn't jump up on handyman as he came through the lounge which Hamish would normally have done!

So very happy with my boy!

So happy I contacted you a week ago, we have a different dog.



I just wanted to say thank you so much for looking after Gemimah today. I find it fascinating watching the interaction between yourself and Gemimah. I can tell that Gem enjoys the sessions as she can feel the benefits. Gem was so zen at the tipsy cow everyone commented.She was also so tired tonight I couldn’t even get her to wake up for her last toilet stop.
Thanks again, Madeline and Gemimah.


Oscar is an 8 year old Cavoodle, and myself being new to Natural Therapies for animals, I decided to bring him along to see Caroline for a Craniosacral Therapy session.

Oscar had been sluggish and not very energetic for the past 12 months, andran sideways at times like a crab. I was looking to see if Caroline could find why.

After his first visit I was astounded at the changes in Oscar. Not only had his posture changed, and his energy returned, Oscar’s running crab like had disappeared completely, due to Caroline’s being able to tune into Oscar’s body at a deep level, and know where to work on him for the best results.

I can highly recommend Caroline, even if you aren’t aware of your fur baby having any issues, as you may be astonished with the results!

Wendy. Port Melbourne


Wickett is a 2nd cross quarter horse mare who is 16 years old. She had a persistent cough that developed into a snotty mess. I started the NES Infoceuticals and with in 24 hours the snot was gone and the cough resolved it self in 3 days.
Kerryn, Moe South


“Our dog was diagnosed with Geriatric Vestibular Disease at the beginning of August 2017 and she was hardly able to walk, was in a lot of distress and had stopped eating that then followed with her stopping drinking. Through a friend’s recommendation I made an appointment for Jade to see Caroline as I believed that she was not long for our world and I was willing to try out anything to keep our dog alive. On that first visit I had to carry her in as she was unable to walk and she had no energy at all. From that moment onwards with Caroline performing Craniosacral Therapy on Jade, she has been given back her life. Through ongoing treatment, she is now walking and hopping along freely as only she can do, she is eating healthily, speaking in her doggy language and is a very happy dog once again. I cannot thank Caroline enough for the work she had done with Jade and I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s animal is in need of her amazing hands-on work. She definitely has an amazing gift”

NES Health miHealth

“NES health was introduced to me by a long time mentor of mine. I have been working together with Caroline Pope now for 3 months. The processing and releasing which has occurred for me over those months has been amazing. From being crippled with glandular fever and extremely stressed out in my job and unhappy generally with life to now having the change in energy to bounce out of bed, and just by using the infoceuitcal products daily. Caroline has helped me be able to understand my own body and how it reacts to the environment and what I can do to help me become a better version of me. This holistic resource is very affordable to anybody and Caroline is a wonderful teacher, I look forward to working with her for years to come.”Hannah Anderson


Caroline did a phone reading for us because or 14 1/2 year old dog Jess had started barking non-stop day and night. We had tried all usual avenues and had all the Vet checks done, but couldn’t find any reason for her to have developed this new habit. Caroline helped us to understand what was going on inside Jess’s head. Everything became so much easier after this. Now that we understood that Jess’s brain was being over stimulated we could start to make things better for her.  She has gone back to sleeping outside and the relationship with her bestie (Pinchy the cat) that had become fractured because of the barking, is now back on track. Highly recommend Caroline for her Animal Communication

Cindy Lou


A text from a client at the East West Veterinary Clinic after a CST on her 18 year old cat
Hi Caroline, it’s Thelma here. I bought Sophie the cat to see  you last week. Just wanted to let you know how wonderful she is doing. She is back to her old self, and doing even better than we imagined she would, which is amazing given her age. She is really happy and contented, and therefore so am I. (NB I saw Sophie last week-August 2018 she is now 20 years old and still going strong)

NES infoceuticals

“By chance, my first NES treatment took place the day before my first Network Chiropractic session, which confirmed and supported what Caroline had found/suggested, but not in as much detail.

After the NES session and starting on the drops, not only have I had great relief from some health issues that had been troubling me for 8 months, but I’ve also been making life changes that I’d been procrastinating about for years!

I was a Naturopath for 30 years, but nothing could have prepared me for this life-changing experience. I’ve seen all my dogs and foster dogs (14 in all) benefit from Caroline’s magic over the last 10 years, and I’m so grateful to have finally benefited from it too.”

Ingrid, Caulfield South


This is by far the best Animal Communicator & Craniosacral Therapist you could ever ask or hope for when it comes to your furry family members! If you want the best then this is what you get when you make an appointment with this very talented lady! Highly recommend to everyone!

Popi Doukakis, Melbourne 

Bird friends

Caroline’s been helping us with our animals since 2008, and I’ve recommended her to many friends with much success. I do think Caroline should come with a warning – she’s all about what’s best for the animal and will not spare your feelings or ego if you’re not doing the right thing. But if you love your pets and want the best for them, give her a nice strong coffee, don’t take offense to her bluntness, take on board her techniques and suggestions, it will be worth it to have your pets happy, healthy and with you a long time.

Gina Brett, Melbourne.


Caroline Pope was recommended to me by a friend, I was having some serious health and behavioural issues with my pets (Horses and Dogs) that I could not seem to get right. I had tried many different things. Consulting with Caroline helped me to better understand the cause of the issues with my pets so I could implement long lasting improvements. Not only is it her gift that has helped me but her vast knowledge. The most important thing that I have gained from Caroline is to trust your gut instinct; we all have it but having the confidence to trust it is another thing and it is usually more often right than wrong!

Veronica, Western Australia with ” Shae”,


“When someone first mentioned this ‘Animal Communicator’ slash ‘Dog Whisperer’ to me, I must admit I scoffed (but quietly). What a load of malarkey! However, I was desperate to find a cure for two-year-old Tuppence, a Bichon Friese-ShihTzu cross, who scratched incessantly, to the annoyance of everyone, including her (poor love). It had reached the stage of perhaps having to go on cortisone, something I was most reluctant to do. Oddly enough, I recognized Caroline when she came to the door-she had been a nurse at my local veterinary clinic when I took my previous dogs there. Within moments, Caroline has sorted out some of the problems (a nasty allergy to the worming tablets she was on), and diet. We followed her instructions to the letter and the result is an even more loved dog who is now so itch-free and healthy that we’re part of a program where we visit sick children in hospital. Tupp actually gets on the bed with the children and we have seen quite a few minor ‘miracles’ just because of her interaction with them. That would not have been possible pre-Caroline. Now, Tupp has a ‘grease and oil change’ every three or four months, with an additional visit if something untoward happens (very rare).  I cannot speak highly enough of Caroline’s abilities and know that Tuppence loves her visits-very obvious from the absolute joy she shows when Caroline arrives!

Colleen Woolley, Diamond Creek 


I first came to Caroline a few months ago, as I was experiencing extreme lethargy and sleeping for hours on end each day, which became very strange as I am an energetic, 22 year old. One day I slept for 20 hours straight and after that I decided to get some blood tests done. The blood tests showed an extremely high reading of iron that was sitting in my body, however my body wasn’t using it up - Upon these readings, the doctor told me to come back in three months time if the symptoms persist, however I was not going to carry on feeling as horrible as I did, so I moved to a more natural way of healing.
Caroline scanned me and could see exactly what my body field was doing and what it was lacking, so she put me on the NES Infoceuticals and within a week I had got my energy back, and within a month my blood tests had levelled out and became normal again. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone, as she got me back to normal again and I have more motivation than I ever have before.
Eiilish Brenton Vic

Caroline Pope is without a doubt one of the most gifted and compassionate animals therapists. When we started seeing Caroline, my Hungarian Vizsla ‘Holly’ was neurotic, hyper anxious and particularly sensitive to noises (and had been for years, we were at our wits end).

Now, Holly is the complete opposite! Caroline is so intuitive and in tune with animals-she knows exactly what they are thinking and feeling, she really is a miracle worker. No vet, medication or other practitioner has been able to achieve what Caroline has achieved in a handful of sessions with Holly. She has added years to her life and provided her with a better life (and me too!). Holly is calmer, happier and less anxious. It truly is astonishing what she does. You have to see it to believe it! My only regret is that I wish I had met Caroline earlier. I honestly cannot recommend her enough.


Flynn says thank you! He got so much out of his bodywork this morning and was obviously feeling 1000% better because he galloped around the paddock and played for hours.

Caroline is extremely intuitive and patient and has so much compassion and warmth while carrying out a treatment.

I cannot express how much Flynn got out of this session. He yawned so hard, licking chewing, so many releases. It was amazing to watch and also to feel the emotions that came up while he was releasing and feeling

Highly recommend Caroline

Ali Marie

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