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Animal Communication, Craniosacral & NES Therapy

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My name is Caroline Pope and I’m Australia’s most recognised and well known Animal Communicator,  

communicating professionally for over two decades. 

Prior to communication my background was veterinary nursing with a strong interest in animal behaviour/training. It is my belief that a background like this is necessary for any communicator to truly understand species behaviour and interpret helpful information correctly. I also liaise with veterinarians on a regular basis.

Discovering Craniosacral Therapy for animals was a major breakthrough for me.  This meant that many of the animals who were able to communicate their discomfort of arthritis, poor saddle fit etc, were now able to benefit from CST, accelerating their own healing process.

In 2016 I discovered the amazing NES Health-the results achieved with my own animals were nothing short of miraculous. I have become a NES Practitioner, working with both animals and their human guardians.

Watch my segments on Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle, Channel 31.

The Art of Animal Communication

Demystifying Craniosacral Animal Therapy

Digital Technology For Animal Therapy

Global Animal Awareness-Truth or myth?

Animal Communication-Overcoming Barriers

Check out Serkan and I with the lovely Rene a on Pawsitive Solutions, Channel 31.

If you're looking for a unique present consider an Animal Communication, Craniosacral Therapy or NES Health session.

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