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I Kept My Horse

The following is reposted with the permission of Rescue Horse Foster Homes Inc. My beloved Kutch (pictured below) came from them. If you can spare even the price of a coffee to help the horses in their care then please do-every cent helps!

“I kept my horse” We rode many miles, won many shows, and we spent hundreds of hours side by side. Now you’re old, you’re retired, and you’re my old man. I kept my horse when he went lame- every damn time. I kept my horse when I fell off - it wasn’t his fault anyways. I kept my horse when I thought it shouldn’t be this hard- I didn’t know that’s how I would learn. I kept my horse when he told me he couldn’t be ridden anymore - because I know compassion. I kept my horse when I moved away for college and struggled with time- because he’s family. I kept my horse when I was broke- because sometimes times are tough. I kept my horse when he couldn’t jump high and run fast because I could see that he still would try if If I asked but he shouldn’t. I kept my horse when I bought a new one- 3 actually, because he’s irreplaceable. I kept my horse when I wished I had room for one that was sound- because I owe it to him. I kept my horse when he was costing me more money to feed then any of my riding horses, because money isn’t everything. When his legs had enough- and all he could bare to carry was his own weight, I still kept my horse. When his career as a riding horse was over- I knew I had to keep my horse. No one owes this horse a retirement except for me, and shame on anyone who selfishly convinces themselves otherwise. I owe him so much more for what he has done for me, but I plan to try and make it up to him when he has nothing more to offer me. Because that’s how it should be be

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